Sunday, January 03, 2010

setting the trend of failure early...

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this is still for january 2. again, i'll assume this disqualifies me. i'm too lazy to read the rules. yet, we carry on!

today's best? i had dinner with my friend, Mike, and that is a hands down best of the day, cuz, well, he's cool, and it's always a treat to break bread with him. i was really running on low though and don't think i was a good dinner companion. this cold is bordering on harsh and the meds have numbed my brain. nonetheless, indian food and Mike is one of my all-time favourite combos.

there is another best of the day... my jasmine bloomed! it's been two years since i got this plant. i bought it blooming, of course, but it hasn't bloomed again until today! my little oasis smells absolutely incredible. jasmine is one of my WOW smells. it will stop me in my tracks.

and kudos to a friend who made the post today. not just the paper, but the cover. yup, he is the skateboarding dude grimacing in pain after a fall. i get the impression he does that a lot... but, one thing he seems to be is resilient, and i think that's a dandy and admirable quality to have. he says he was actually laughing in the shot, and you know what? as much as that guy laughs, i bet it's true.

and there is a bonafide worst of the day. i was looking through the pics of the second wedding i shot. i'm very disappointed in my work. there are some shots that i'll post, but this makes me really question my abilities. it's very frustrating. i'm going to look at this as a learning, to quote the company corporate speak.

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