Monday, July 26, 2010

the birthday girl!

the birthday girl!, originally uploaded by MisfitHue.

juni turned 5 years old, and for her birthday, mom and dad threw a party with a circus theme.

there were clown races, a tin can toss and pie throwing... juni especially enjoyed the pie throwing. :)

mom did a phenom job of creating all the perfect touches while dad made a jovial and pie soaked clown.

it was super hot, but there were plenty of laughs and cooling off with the hose. but, the cupcakes in ice cream cones were a super sweet highlight!!

happy birthday, juni! (click here for more pics!)

hangin' out in metropolis

IMG_7529 copy, originally uploaded by MisfitHue.

back in june, the dude and i took a little trip to metropolis, illinois--the home of superman!

it was truly an experience as there a lot of super heroes wandering the streets. there was a man of steel on every corner--like santas at xmas!

not only were there costumes, but there tasty treats and a carnival atmosphere. we never did get a funnel cake, but we did suck down a good deal of fresh squeezed lemonade.

the real treat, however, were the fan films shown in the evening. i highly recommend the adventures of tiny superman. there was also an induction ceremony of the red mullet into the league of superheroes!

if you're ever able to attend... grab your tights and cape and follow the super hero trail to metropolis!

Friday, July 16, 2010

reaching out...

DSC08784, originally uploaded by MisfitHue.

i took this at laumeier sculpture park in 2008. this young man and his friends were climbing all over a sculpture; i stood in front of them and shot a random series... this kid had so much character!

this is one of hundreds of captures that i never processed. if only i could edit as a full time job for maybe... three weeks? i could get caught up.

or maybe that's wishful thinking.

Friday, July 09, 2010

just visiting

DSC08190 copy, originally uploaded by MisfitHue.

i recently completed a really fantastic lightroom class, and i cannot even begin to describe how excited and grateful i am.

if you are ever in need, i highly recommend Jeff Hirsch for his enthusiasm, expertise and vast amounts of patience. learning how to use lightroom has effectively shifted my perspective and work flow in a significant way--just as i had hoped.

after the class, i started migrating my old photos from iphoto to lightroom. i'm seeing more in my shots than i did initially.

i hope you enjoy the changes coming down the pike.